Ruby on Rails and PostgreSQL Class Slides

In August I taught a course titled Ruby on Rails and PostgreSQL - Intro to Advanced in Greenville over the span of 3 weeks. Here is the compilation of slides from the class.

If there is any material in the slides that isn't properly attributed, please point it out and I will be happy to add it properly. Many of the images and references are from other presentations I've given where attribution and links were included, however, I did not audit these slides.

Day 1 - Intro to Ruby


Day 2 - Intro to Rails


Day 3 - Intro to PostgreSQL


Day 4 - Rails Models


Day 5 - Diving into Controllers

No slides from day 5, just hands on coding.


Day 6 - PostGIS


Day 7 - Make it Fast


Day 8 - jRuby


Day 9 - PostgreSQL and Application Architecture

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