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Rails Gems to Unlock Advanced PostgreSQL Features

ruby|rails|postgresql|postgis| - September 9, 2014 // @ 81.13% relevance
...postgres_ext PostgreSQL has a lot of custom datatypes. Rails has already added support for many of them since the first iteration of this gem but the latest version adds even more. For the PostgreSQL Array datatype, you get methods for querying overlap, contains, any or all. PostgreSQL also has INET/CIDR...

PostgreSQL functions with Elixir Ecto

postgresql|elixir|phoenix|ecto| - July 27, 2016 // @ 79.59% relevance', 'postgres' and 'postgresql'. Let's create, populate and index our aliases table like this (including UPSERT since I'd been tinkering locally). execute "CREATE TABLE IF NOT EXISTS aliases (t tsquery PRIMARY KEY, s tsquery)" execute "INSERT INTO aliases VALUES(to_tsquery('postgres'), to_tsquery('postgresql|postgres|pg')) ON CONFLICT...

Why should you learn PostgreSQL?

postgresql|postgis| - July 21, 2014 // @ 78.26% relevance
...PostgreSQL that directly updates its related cache data without any outside process needing to be involved! Tons of Extensions There's extensions for everything. There's additional datatypes, dictionaries for search, data connectors. That Memcached thing we just described? There's an extension for that . You can manipulate images inside the database. There are plugins for columnar datastores used for analytics and even full vendor extensions like Infobright . Even complex scale out functionality that rivals MongoDB for WRITES (not a typo) using Postgres...

Insanity with Elixir + Phoenix + PostgreSQL

elixir|phoenix|postgresql| - July 6, 2016 // @ 77.78% relevance
...postgres" gives me different results than "postgresql" or "pg". To solve the last problem PostgreSQL will let you setup a thesaurus or use a ts_rewrite that can transform as search query into several other potential searches. We're going to use the latter as it's simpler and doesn...

Ruby on Rails and PostgreSQL - Intro to Advanced

classes|ruby|rails|postgresql|postgis| - July 15, 2014 // @ 76.74% relevance
...PostgreSQL that rivals your current platform of choice. This class is perfect for you if... You have experience developing web applications with another language and want to understand Ruby, Rails and PostgreSQL as well or better than your current platform. Are there any prerequisites? Yes. Students should already have experience...

Heroku PostgreSQL vs Amazon RDS for PostgreSQL

aws|heroku|postgresql| - July 3, 2015 // @ 73.68% relevance
...PostgreSQL is becoming the relational database of choice for web development for a whole host of good reasons . That means that development teams have to make a decision on whether to host their own or use a database as a service provider. The two biggest players in the world of PostgreSQL...

Ruby on Rails and PostgreSQL Class Slides

postgresql|postgis|ruby|jruby|rails| - April 6, 2015 // @ 62.96% relevance
...PostgreSQL - Intro to Advanced in Greenville over the span of 3 weeks. Here is the compilation of slides from the class. If there is any material in the slides that isn't properly attributed, please point it out and I will be happy to add it properly. Many of the images...

Exploring Ruby on Rails and PostgreSQL

ruby|rails|postgresql|jruby| - July 4, 2014 // @ 61.54% relevance
...PostgreSQL that was presented as a 3 hour class to other programmers at The Ironyard  in Greenville, SC in July of 2013. The Rails specific sections are mostly code samples that were explained during the session so the real focus of the slides is Ruby, "the rails way" / workflow...

Heroku Data Links with Postgres and Redis

heroku|postgresql|redis|devops| - September 16, 2015 // @ 61.54% relevance
...PostgreSQL has a great feature called Foreign Data Wrappers (FDW) that allows it to connect directly to outside systems . Although the setup can be a little complicated, once it’s available you can run queries with joins or subqueries against them, insert data, create views, etc. Heroku has dramatically simplified...

PostgreSQL - It's kind've a nifty database

postgresql| - November 27, 2013 // @ 60.0% relevance
... This is a presentation I recently gave to provide an overview of PostgreSQL and some of it's excellent features, including full-text search, multiple built in datatypes, data compression and extensions.  Also, Morgan Freeman is narrating. You're welcome.   ...

Video: SQL vs NoSQL Discussion at UpstatePHP

mysql|couchdb|postgresql|nosql|mongodb| - September 13, 2014 // @ 33.33% relevance
...represented SQL solutions (*cough* PostgreSQL *cough*) while Benjamin Young represented NoSQL. Ben has actively contributed to CouchDB , worked for Cloudant , Couchbase , organizes the REST Fest Unconference (happening again September 25-27th) and is the owner of Big Blue Hat . I am a gainfully employed's that. ...

How to Use Heroku PGBackups

heroku|postgresql|devops| - August 11, 2015 // @ 28.57% relevance
... Backing up your data is one of the most critical activities for your application. Heroku PGBackups makes the entire experience pretty simple but comes with a lot of flexibility too, with a number of options for smooth restoration. Full article at the Codeship blog. ...

Code is the Cure for Developaralysis

overthink|ruby|php| - October 22, 2014 // @ 16.67% relevance
...PostgreSQL as my 99% database solution because it does virtually everything you could ever want from a database, does it well, and does it freely so scaling isn't a licensing concern. If I run into a table that is so write heavy it needs a 1% solution, then maybe...

Tempering My Docker Enthusiasm (retracted)

vagrant|devops|docker| - June 4, 2014 // @ 9.09% relevance
...PostgreSQL, PostGIS, Redis, Memecached, Riak, RabbitMQ, ZeroMQ all within their own Docker containers in the same VM...then just start the VM to load up all of your dependencies. Those pieces are where a lot of the complexity comes in with setting up local development environments. There are already so many...

Belated ElixirConf 2016 Recap

elixir|phoenix|erlang|nerves|conference| - November 30, 2016 // @ 9.09% relevance
...PostgreSQL make sense for a huge volume of use cases. The nice thing to know is that when you do need any/all of those things to build the next WhatsApp , they're real and they're spectacular. When Joe Armstrong said Erlang was built to run forever...he wasn't kidding...

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