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PostgreSQL functions with Elixir Ecto

postgresql|elixir|phoenix|ecto| - July 27, 2016 // @ 44.44% relevance
...presentations that I've given and if somebody searches for "presentation" , I'd like that field to be given more weight. As an added twist my tags column is a postgres array which we need to convert to a string to include in our search. We can do that with...

Belated ElixirConf 2016 Recap

elixir|phoenix|erlang|nerves|conference| - November 30, 2016 // @ 37.5% relevance
...presentation links for the sessions attended by our group, consisting of Paul Sullivan of Benefit Focus , Andrew Lechowicz from Simply Binary and myself from ACS Technologies . Overall Impressions There were a lot of excellent talks that are broken out below, but the major news here was that the conference has been...

Repeating History...on Purpose...with Elixir

elixir|erlang|phoenix| - November 29, 2016 // @ 33.33% relevance
... A dive into the highlights of Elixir that make it the ideal platform for the web...and how all these questions were answered figured out 30 years ago. Presented to Upstate Elixir in Greenville, SC on Nov 16. ...

Go from a PHP Perspective

golang|php|ruby|erlang| - April 16, 2015 // @ 33.33% relevance
... Here are the slides from my recent presentation to UpstatePHP in Greenville, looking at Go ( Golang ) from a PHP Perspective.   ...

Protecting Users from Phishing and Fraud

security|phishing|dkim|fraud|spf|email|dmarc|dns| - April 2, 2015 // @ 33.33% relevance
... This presentation covers my experiences combatting phishing and fraud using DMARC and assorted other techniques in a large eBay-like platform for a niche market...when the site previously did everything over direct user email...for over a decade. Good times.   ...

Pair Programming - The Lightning Talk Version

devops|pairing| - July 4, 2014 // @ 33.33% relevance
... Lightning talk introduce pair programming based on information gleaned from RailsConf 2014. Bulk of the credit for this presentation goes to Chuck Lauer Vose of New Relic and Joe Moore of Pivotal Labs .   ...

Exploring Ruby on Rails and PostgreSQL

ruby|rails|postgresql|jruby| - July 4, 2014 // @ 33.33% relevance
...presented as a 3 hour class to other programmers at The Ironyard  in Greenville, SC in July of 2013. The Rails specific sections are mostly code samples that were explained during the session so the real focus of the slides is Ruby, "the rails way" / workflow / differentiators...

PostgreSQL - It's kind've a nifty database

postgresql| - November 27, 2013 // @ 33.33% relevance
... This is a presentation I recently gave to provide an overview of PostgreSQL and some of it's excellent features, including full-text search, multiple built in datatypes, data compression and extensions.  Also, Morgan Freeman is narrating. You're welcome.   ...

What's the "right" PHP Framework?

php|cakephp|rails|codeigniter|ruby|laravel| - June 21, 2014 // @ 33.33% relevance
... This is a presentation that I recently gave at UpstatePHP in Greenville evaluating the framework landscape in PHP. We discussed why there are so many, history, goals, benefits, concerns and ultimately a recommendation. ...

Video: SQL vs NoSQL Discussion at UpstatePHP

mysql|couchdb|postgresql|nosql|mongodb| - September 13, 2014 // @ 28.57% relevance
... Here's the video from the August UpstatePHP meeting in Greenville discussing SQL vs NoSQL and where they are useful for your development process. I represented SQL solutions (*cough* PostgreSQL *cough*) while Benjamin Young represented NoSQL. Ben has actively contributed to CouchDB , worked for Cloudant , Couchbase , organizes the REST Fest...

Repeating History with Elixir...again

elixir|carolina code conf|phoenix| - July 28, 2018 // @ 28.57% relevance
... Over the weekend I got the chance to speak at the inaugural Carolina Code Conf in Greenville, SC. It's the upstate polyglot conference where just about any relevant subject is welcome, so I submitted a talk on Elixir. I also gave a lightning talk on DMARC thanks to our...

No such thing as "real programming"

life|php|business| - July 20, 2015 // @ 23.08% relevance
...presentation and polish vs "it works" increases dramatically. You have to factor in hosting considerations, email deliverability, upgrade paths and security patches for a constantly increasing list of people. Odds are good many of those clients top priority will be reaching customers, so you're going to need...

What exactly happened to Brightball for hire?

business|life| - August 11, 2014 // @ 16.67% relevance
...presentations, and requests for proposal (RFPs). I was there to work on the larger projects and I did that for about 2 years. That was my first exposure to the realities of contract work. At Nuvox, I'd been able to work on one project at a time, deliver it, hand...

Reality Driven Development

pairing|business|project management| - May 21, 2018 // @ 9.09% relevance
...presented with another big opportunity that resulted in the most chaotic learning experience of my career until it was clear I had to move on...largely because of issues created by project management. Finally, I re-enrolled in PMI and started actively pursuing my PMP. It was time for a career...

WYSIWYGPro Helper and tutorial for CakePHP

cakephp|php|wysiwygpro| - June 14, 2009 // @ 9.09% relevance
...present on the field to place the error-message div BEFORE the WYSIWYG simply because it's more readable to have the small label and small error before the large editor. The code doing that is on line 124-132. You've already seen all of the configuration settings in the config...

Ruby on Rails and PostgreSQL Class Slides

postgresql|postgis|ruby|jruby|rails| - April 6, 2015 // @ 9.09% relevance
...presentations I've given where attribution and links were included, however, I did not audit these slides. Day 1 - Intro to Ruby   Day 2 - Intro to Rails   Day 3 - Intro to PostgreSQL   Day 4 - Rails Models   Day 5 - Diving into Controllers No slides from day 5, just...

Why should you learn PostgreSQL?

postgresql|postgis| - July 21, 2014 // @ 9.09% relevance
...presentation on PostgreSQL to provide an overview of all of the benefits it provides you over other options in the database space. In hindsight, that wasn't nearly enough time because it has the capability to replace almost your entire application stack outside of the web server. In any case...

Screenhero - This is your Business Plan

business|pairing| - July 31, 2014 // @ 9.09% relevance
...presentation on pair programming after RailsConf. There are alternatives though and Pair with Me lists a lot of them. There are a lot of options for screen sharing and remoting, but Screenhero is a better option when you look at it like this: - Free Google Hangouts Remote Desktop - Free...

Phishing Leaves a DMARC Trail

apwg|email|dmarc|phishing|dmarcian| - August 7, 2018 // @ 9.09% relevance
...present at the Anti-Phishing Working Group (APWG) Conference after spending some time cross referencing the APWG's eCrime Exchange data with dmarcian 's historic DMARC reports to see if we could identify consistent patterns among known bad actors, as well as potentially identifying a wider scope to the attacks...

PublishableBehavior for CakePHP

php|cakephp| - June 10, 2009 // @ 9.09% relevance
...present when initializing and will trigger an error if they cannot be found. With the Behavior applied, you'll now have access to these functions: isPublished($id = '') - Returns true or false based on the published status of the record.  If $id is not passed, will attempt to use $model...

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