Our Team of Specialists

Brightball no longer does any form of contract work, so this list can now be considered our team of esteemed alumni. Everyone involved has gone on to do bigger and better things. Eventually this may turn this into a place where I brag about all of their accomplishments.

Barrett // Developer [Interactive Specialist]

Barrett is ridiculously talented with interactive user interfaces.  He once developed a flash + ajax based multi-file image uploader, with multiple parallel progress bars, database tie ins, and branded to the design of the under 3 hours.  It's not even fair.  Going on 11 years as an enterprise PHP developer, the toolbox is only getting bigger.

Barry // Developer [Optimization Specialist]

Do you lose sleep at night trying to find ways to make web pages run faster?  Good, you shouldn't.  That would be strange, which is fitting because Barry is strange.  With over 10 years of experience as a PHP & Java developer, he constantly obsesses about ways to make your site run faster and grow smoothly so that if you go from 100 users to 2 million overnight your website will be able to keep up.

Brian // Developer [Quality Assurance Specialist]

Brian has been involved with web development since 1999 in a variety of roles, including programmer, business analyst, project manager and consultant.  You could say he's seen it all in some capacity.  That variety of perspectives, along with an attention to detail that is the bane of his wife's existence, has created a quality assurance machine that can anticipate and identify problems that most casual users don't think about while providing all the details that developers need to quickly resolve them.

Chris // Developer [Integration Specialist]

In 10 years as a PHP & Java developer, Chris has never seen an API he didn't want to integrate into an application.  Whether it's integration with payment gateways, shipping services, internal exchange servers, Google, Yahoo, or Facebook APIs; if there is a use for it he wants to take advantage.  We're pretty sure that he'll be able to bring down the internet with the click of a button soon.

Drew // Developer [HTML/CSS/SEO Specialist]

Drew specializes in CSS, XHTML/HTML5, Javascript and Search Engine Optimization.  He has over 10 years of experience designing and developing websites for clients of all sizes and focuses on web standards, usability, and improved search engine rankings to deliver high-performance online strategies.  Drew is a frequent presenter at web conferences and is a contributing author for a number of industry-leading online publications.

Joe // Developer [Microsoft .NET Specialist]

Going on 23 years in IT and 13 years of intensive development experience with Microsoft technologies, Joe has done it all.  He's been published, was on the advisory board for .NET, has led multiple development teams, mentored consultants, is extremely active in the .NET developer community, and has even taught classes on XML, XSLT, and .NET technologies.  That's just the tip of the iceberg.

Nancy // Developer [Enterprise Java Specialist]

Nancy has over 10 years of experience in the telecommunications industry as an enterprise Java lead developer, architect, and manager. She brings a critical understanding of the challenges faced in an enterprise environment. From mission critical data management to complex, cross-language systems integration, Nancy has done it all.

Rick // Project Management Specialist

An IT professional with over 25 years of experience in project management, business consulting and application development.  Rick is a certified PMP by the Project Management Institute.  Detail oriented and an excellent communicator, he knows the importance of keeping clients, management, and technical staff informed an on target.