What We Do

Below is our old "What We Do" page, however, Brightball no longer does any contract programming work. This is a reflection of what we used to do.

Custom Web Programming

We don't do design. We don't use a prepackaged tool.  We write custom application code from the ground up, matching your unique business processes, workflows, and goals with a piece of custom software built around you.  This fusion provides a centralized system that can automate and coordinate processes among your employees and affiliates, as well as constantly communicating with your clientele.

Consulting Services

In addition to custom programming, we also offer a variety of consulting services aimed at a few of our specialties.

Localization and Internationalization

Multilingual websites are very complex.  Data structures must be organized in a manner that allows for multiple translations in a single database, a variety of character sets, translation of text snippets throughout the site, date, currency, and numerical formatting, as well as left-to-right vs right-to-left readability and various sort orders for different character sets.  Broadening your audience is no small undertaking but we are here to guide you through it, including working with translation firms to import and export your data in a manner that their staff can easily work with.

Custom Server Configuration and Scaling Strategy

Every application is different.  Some need to scale up and down for intermittent traffic spikes, while others have huge data sets that need to be distributed across multiple servers and data centers.  Some have heavy processing loads while others simply have a large number of visitors.  Whatever the case, we will assess your application and work with you to develop a scaling strategy, program the system, and optimize the servers to minimize your long term costs.

Application Security and Penetration Testing

When developing a system that relies on information, you need to verify that your information is safe and stays that way.  The growing trend towards interactive web interfaces makes automated vulnerability scanners alone insufficient for the safety of your data.  Our team will work with your staff to provide an initial security evaluation and determine a policy level that matches the needs of your system.  Once initial adjustments have been made, we will devise a regular maintenance plan to ensure that you stay protected against new threats as they emerge.

About Me

My name is Barry Jones and Brightball, Inc was my contract development company from 2008-2012. Although I no longer do contract work this site has become my personal blog.

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