I'm offering my first Scaled Agile Class

SAFe | Agile | Classes | - October 30, 2021 // Barry

After 20 years in software development, my frustations with watching organizations hurt themselves from bad practices finally boiled over in my article, Reality Driven Development. The response and discussion from Hacker News lead me into the work of Donald Reinertsen, who laid out the math that validated everything I was experiencing. Much of the Scaled Agile Framework is based on his work, which lead into my journey with SAFe 3 years ago. Join me on December 9th for my first class, Leading SAFe 5.1.

I have seen the benefits of SAFe transformation first hand and have made it my mission to help organizations like yours apply them as well. SAFe, like anything else, isn't perfect but I do believe it's the best solution that exists to align business and development priorities within your organization. As SAFe continues to evolve and improve itself, it will only get better.

This Leading SAFe 5.1 class will be the first of many future class offerings from me, including Advanced Scrum Master, Architecture, DevOps, Lean Portfolio Management and Release Train Engineer. My classes will always provide you with an honest perspective of the impact of SAFe from all of the viewpoints where I have been able to experience it first hand: Development, Operations and Product Management.

Join me on December 9th and 10th for my first class (virtually) by Registering on Eventbrite.

Future classes will include a mixture of in person courses in Greenville, SC as virtual offerings. For private courses held onsite at your company location, contact me directly via LinkedIn. I'm open to scheduling courses anywhere within a 3 hour drive of Greenville, SC include Charlote, NC, Atlanta, GA, Columbia, SC and Knoxville, TN. Private virtual courses are also available.

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