Articles about Email

Video: Developing a Layered Email Security Strategy Webinar Presentation

Email | - September 23, 2020 // Barry @ dmarcian
In this joint webinar between dmarcian, GreatHorn and Inspired eLearning I had the opportunity to share an overview of SPF, DKIM and DMARC as part of a layered email security strategy.

What to Expect When You're Emailing Presentation

Email | - July 20, 2019 // Barry @ Carolina Code Conf
During Carolina Code Conf, I gave what is probably the most entertaining presentation ever given about email. We walk through how to protect, raise and nuture the domain for my pirate themed gym, Slimmer Ye Timbers.

Phishing Leaves a DMARC Trail

DMARC | Email | - August 7, 2018 // Barry @ A.P.W.G.

In May I had the opportunity to present at the Anti-Phishing Working Group (APWG) Conference after spending some time cross referencing the APWG's eCrime Exchange data with dmarcian's historic DMARC reports to see if we could identify consistent patterns among known bad actors, as well as potentially identifying a wider scope to the attacks that any single entity could see. The results were interesting!

Email as a Microservice

DevOps | Email | - August 6, 2016 // Barry @ Codeship

Email might be one of the most often overlooked pieces of any web application. Usually the biggest discussion around it in a project begins and ends with “and we’ll send them an email when this happens…”.

A little thought and some minor adjustments can help us avoid some problems that will grow as your project does. Let’s talk about email as a microservice.

Protecting Users from Phishing and Fraud Presentation

Email | DMARC | DNS | - April 2, 2015 // Barry @ Upstate PHP

This presentation covers my experiences combatting phishing and fraud using DMARC and assorted other techniques in a large eBay-like platform for a niche market...when the site previously did everything over direct user email...for over a decade. Good times.