Articles about Golang

Comparing Elixir and Go

Golang | Elixir | - January 26, 2017 // Barry @ Codeship

Elixir and Go have both grown significantly in popularity over the past few years, and both are often reached for by developers looking for high concurrency solutions. The two languages follow many similar principles, but both have made some core tradeoffs that affect their potential use cases. Let’s compare the two by taking a look at their backgrounds, their programming styles, and how they deal with concurrency.

Monitoring with Bosun

DevOps | Golang | - October 15, 2015 // Barry @ Codeship

Bosun is a monitoring and alerting system developed by the good folks at Stack Exchange, then open sourced for the rest of us. It’s written in Go, meaning its monitoring agents can run anywhere that Go can drop a binary… which is just about everywhere. So what exactly does it do and how does it compare to the likes of New Relic, CloudWatch, Nagios, Splunk Cloud, Server Density, and other monitoring tools?

Go from a PHP Perspective Presentation

Golang | PHP | Ruby | - April 16, 2015 // Barry @ Upstate PHP

Here are the slides from my recent presentation to UpstatePHP in Greenville, looking at Go (Golang) from a PHP Perspective.