Rebooting the Carolina Code Conference

events | Business | - May 21, 2023 // Barry

The Carolina Code Conference is a welcoming and community-driven “polyglot” conference that’s set to take place in beautiful downtown Greenville, SC on Saturday August 19th, 2023 in the Greenville ONE building. This conference, which returns for the first time since 2019, invites coders of all experience levels to attend, plug into the development community, share their experiences and have a great time as well.

“This year’s conference is special,” said conference organizer Barry Jones. “We’re working with a number of community technology leaders to use the conference to help revive our local tech meetup scene, which was thriving before Covid put a damper on things. “

”Those meetups help to connect the community year round. The conference will host a round table conversation geared towards these efforts and we are already seeing a huge amount of community momentum. If you are involved with a local meetup group, we want to talk to you.”

The call for speakers remains open until May 25th and accepts talks on a wide variety of programming languages and programming related topics, from speakers of all experience levels. The conference is entirely sponsor supported so tickets to the event are free but limited this year. Subscribers to the email list will be the first to know when tickets are available.

"Greenville, South Carolina is a great place to grow your tech business," says Phil Yanov, founder of Tech After Five. "It's not just the location. It's the people and the community. High tech and Southern hospitality come together in Greenville to create a perfect place to flourish. The Carolina Code Conference will be a campfire for the Upstate tech community."

Visit the website at to find out more about ticket availability, speaking and sponsorship opportunities. You can even participate in the planning of the conference through polls and social media contests as we make decisions about after conference networking activities, t-shirt design and more.

“Based on the excitement we’ve seen so far, we’re going to have a great event for everyone this year,” said Jones. “We intend to grow the Carolina Code Conference into the annual software hub of the region for years to come.”

The Carolina Code Conference was started in 2018 by Joel Taddei in Greenville, SC. For photos and speaker information from past conferences, you can visit our former Wix site.

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