Articles about Erlang

Belated ElixirConf 2016 Recap

Phoenix | Elixir | - November 30, 2016 // Barry

This past September I took vacation time and paid out of pocket to drive to Orlando and attend ElixirConf with a few other programmers from Greenville who did the same thing. We weren't the only ones. Here is a belated recap from our combined notes and experiences.

Repeating History...on Purpose...with Elixir Presentation

Phoenix | Elixir | - November 29, 2016 // Barry @ Upstate Elixir

A dive into the highlights of Elixir that make it the ideal platform for the web...and how all these questions were answered figured out 30 years ago. Presented to Upstate Elixir in Greenville, SC on Nov 16.

Go from a PHP Perspective Presentation

Golang | Ruby | PHP | - April 16, 2015 // Barry @ Upstate PHP

Here are the slides from my recent presentation to UpstatePHP in Greenville, looking at Go (Golang) from a PHP Perspective.