About Us

Below is our old "About" page, however, Brightball no longer does any contract programming work. This is a reflection of what we used to do.

Brightball, Inc is a custom web programming and consulting firm located in Greenville, SC.  We do not have a single designer on staff and we are not a full service web shop.  We write code to solve complicated problems.  We aim to understand the way that you do business and turn your website into an information management tool to streamline your entire operation.

Why do we focus solely on programming?

First and foremost it makes the most sense.  Generally, there are two types of web projects: highly custom web applications and CMS based websites.  What that means is that CMS based providers will generally have the most talented designers.  The flip side of the equation is that when a programming heavy business plan comes along, there is a small likelihood that those same firms will have the programming staff to handle it in house.  That's where we come in.

Plus, we pride ourselves on delivering expert resources across the board for each project that we deliver and in order to do that we need to work with the best designers we can find.  We are a resource and a partner in the development process.

Custom Project Workflows

An unfortunate reality to CMS based web development is that in most cases developers are used to working alone.  When working with a CMS most of the programming involved is customization rather than from scratch development, so the need to involve multiple programmers as well as manage and coordinate a development team is minimized. 

When a team is involved, a completely different work flow is involved.  Proper communication channels, development procedures, code testing constructs, naming schemes, and rules for system architecture must be in place in order for a programming team to work together effectively.  Moreover, developers must be well versed in these rules to work in that type of environment effectively.

The rules of a CMS are built to work within that particular system.  Isolating modules into packaged pieces that can be installed with the click of a button is a common mode of operation.  Within a sound application architecture, the goal is to minimize code replication so that entire logical systems can be altered from a single location over time to prevent maintenance time from growing at the same rate that the site grows.

Team management and application architecture are a major focus of what we do.  We're not simply a group of programmers, we're a group of programmers that understand what it takes to work as a team effectively.