What We Do

Technical Stewardship for Your Business

With over 15 years of experience in the industry across enterprise, medium sized, startups and contract development shops we're well versed in the impact that technical decisions have on an organization. The same technical question can result in an entirely different answer based on organizational factors alone. If you are a business leader looking for an unbiased advisor to help navigate the minefield of technical, architectural, security, design and project management decisions that will impact your business in both the short and long term, we are here to help.

Developer Interviews

Software is a complex field with multiple intermingling technologies and interviewing developers is a notoriously complicated undertaking. As a business person, it can be very difficult to make sense of it all. After years of experience interviewing developers with an assortment of languages, platforms, databases, infrastructure and cloud technologies...we have been there. We can get to know your needs and assist with the interview process for your candidates, from direct applications or contract firms. We'll even help with writing up the job descriptions.

About Me

My name is Barry Jones and Brightball is my consulting company. We help business leaders understand the long term effects of their technical decisions as well as navigating the process of interviewing software developers.

I also blog about technical topics quite a bit. If you enjoy my writing and want to support the habit please use my referrals to help me pay for my servers with Digital Ocean, my DNS with DNS Made Easy and my email with Sendwithus.

If you just came here to learn by all means keep it up. Grab a book on Elixir, Phoenix, Go, encryption throughout history, hacking stories or running a business. Thanks!

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