Security Automation with Gitlab

I recently had the opportunity to speak to DEF CON 864 about the multiple layers of security automation within Gitlab, the open source tools that drive them and how the findings are managed and resolved.

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Ansible + Terraform, the PBJ of DevOps Presentation

DevOps | - October 12, 2021 // Barry @ UCLUG
This week I had the opportunity to speak to Upstate Carolina Linux User Group (UCLUG) to share my thoughts on how well Ansible and Terraform compliment each other, as well as the many ways to share information between the tools to use them together.

Video: Developing a Layered Email Security Strategy Webinar Presentation

Security | DMARC | Email | - September 23, 2020 // Barry @ dmarcian
In this joint webinar between dmarcian, GreatHorn and Inspired eLearning I had the opportunity to share an overview of SPF, DKIM and DMARC as part of a layered email security strategy.

What to Expect When You're Emailing Presentation

DMARC | Email | - July 20, 2019 // Barry @ Carolina Code Conf
During Carolina Code Conf, I gave what is probably the most entertaining presentation ever given about email. We walk through how to protect, raise and nuture the domain for my pirate themed gym, Slimmer Ye Timbers.

Repeating History with Elixir...again Presentation

Phoenix | Elixir | - July 28, 2018 // Barry @ Carolina Code Conf

Over the weekend I got the chance to speak at the inaugural Carolina Code Conf in Greenville, SC. It's the upstate polyglot conference where just about any relevant subject is welcome, so I submitted a talk on Elixir. I also gave a lightning talk on DMARC thanks to our wonderful sponsor, dmarcian.

Repeating History...on Purpose...with Elixir Presentation

Phoenix | Elixir | - November 29, 2016 // Barry @ Upstate Elixir

A dive into the highlights of Elixir that make it the ideal platform for the web...and how all these questions were answered figured out 30 years ago. Presented to Upstate Elixir in Greenville, SC on Nov 16.

Go from a PHP Perspective Presentation

Golang | PHP | Ruby | - April 16, 2015 // Barry @ Upstate PHP

Here are the slides from my recent presentation to UpstatePHP in Greenville, looking at Go (Golang) from a PHP Perspective.

Protecting Users from Phishing and Fraud Presentation

Email | DMARC | DNS | Security | - April 2, 2015 // Barry @ Upstate PHP

This presentation covers my experiences combatting phishing and fraud using DMARC and assorted other techniques in a large eBay-like platform for a niche market...when the site previously did everything over direct user email...for over a decade. Good times.

Video: SQL vs NoSQL Discussion at UpstatePHP Presentation

NoSQL | PostgreSQL | - September 13, 2014 // Barry @ Upstate PHP

Here's the video from the August UpstatePHP meeting in Greenville discussing SQL vs NoSQL and where they are useful for your development process. I represented SQL solutions (*cough* PostgreSQL *cough*) while Benjamin Young represented NoSQL. Ben has actively contributed to CouchDB, worked for Cloudant, Couchbase, organizes the REST Fest Unconference (happening again September 25-27th) and is the owner of Big Blue Hat. I am a gainfully employed's that.

Pair Programming - The Lightning Talk Version Presentation

Pairing | DevOps | - July 4, 2014 // Barry @ ACS Technologies

Lightning talk introduce pair programming based on information gleaned from RailsConf 2014. Bulk of the credit for this presentation goes to Chuck Lauer Vose of New Relic and Joe Moore of Pivotal Labs.

Exploring Ruby on Rails and PostgreSQL Presentation

PostgreSQL | Rails | Ruby | - July 4, 2014 // Barry @ The Ironyard

An overview of Ruby, jRuby, Rails, Torquebox, and PostgreSQL that was presented as a 3 hour class to other programmers at The Ironyard in Greenville, SC in July of 2013. The Rails specific sections are mostly code samples that were explained during the session so the real focus of the slides is Ruby, "the rails way" / workflow / differentiators and PostgreSQL.

What's the "right" PHP Framework? Presentation

Rails | Ruby | PHP | CakePHP | - June 21, 2014 // Barry @ Upstate PHP

This is a presentation that I recently gave at UpstatePHP in Greenville evaluating the framework landscape in PHP. We discussed why there are so many, history, goals, benefits, concerns and ultimately a recommendation.

PostgreSQL - It's kind've a nifty database Presentation

PostgreSQL | - November 27, 2013 // Barry @ Upstate PHP

This is a presentation I recently gave to provide an overview of PostgreSQL and some of it's excellent features, including full-text search, multiple built in datatypes, data compression and extensions. 

Also, Morgan Freeman is narrating. You're welcome.