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The CFB Playoff Only Needs One Small Change

Sports | Clemson | - November 2, 2018 // Barry

It's that time of year again where the first college football playoff rankings are released. People start losing their minds about different scenarios, airing grievances about past issues and discussing why the playoff needs to expand up to as high as 64 teams. Most of our issues could be fixed with the smallest of adjustments.

Make the ACC the Best Conference in Football

Sports | Clemson | - September 29, 2014 // Barry

It's college football season. Inarguably the best time of year. With that comes discussion of a lot of topics that we generally can't escape like conference strength, who's getting in the playoff, and SEC speed. There is a way to make the ACC the most interesting conference in all of college football while virtually assuring that the champion will be part of that playoff picture every single year. Here's the playbook.

The Impossible Assignment

Life | Clemson | - April 25, 2013 // Barry

I had the opportunity to visit the class of one of my legendary former professors yesterday and got to share a classic story about him...the time he gave us an impossible assignment.